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International Women’s Day PSA

Got the chance to shoot this PSA with my favorite feline! That was probably the only chance i’ll ever get to bring a cat into a movie theatre and bribe it to pretend to watch LaLaLand with a laser pointer and treats. Bucket list item checked off.

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Booked and Shot dramatic short ‘A Long Way Home’

Had a fantastic time shooting this dark, dramatic short by director and writer Alex Herron, over the past two days, with a fabulous team. I play Hallie, a small-town teenager who, along with her friends, pick up a hitch-hiker who is not quite what they expected. From days in the forest to evenings in deserted motels in the desert, the great locations coupled with meticulous attention to visuals will hopefully pay off. Very excited to see the the final product!

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Hosted Q&A at the 20th Annual LA Shorts Fest

In early September, I hosted the Q&A on Day 2 of the 20th Annual LA Shorts Festival. It was an absolute honor to watch so many inspired short films and to meet the filmmakers behind them. Some personal favorites include ‘Seam’, a science-fiction drama set in a post-apocalyptic future where sentient machines live amongst humankind, and ‘The Spa’, where the Aussies once again prove that they have the ability to find the humor in any situation, no matter how serious the subject matter!



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Moving to LA & Killian’s

So, amongst all the Wondernesia news and excitement, I realized that I forgot to update on one other huge thing that has happened early 2016. After jumping on a plane to LAX one week after wrapping on the Wondernesia shoot, a frantic month spent apartment and car searching (and all accompanying things like the DMV etc. etc. etc. and adopting a cat) I am now LA based!

Other things that have happened in the past couple of months:
– Just finished Killian’s (Foundation) and am on the April agents link on LA Casting and am doing the Adult Workshop this month
– Last weekend, shot the new media project “Big Book of Friends”!
– Am back in scene study and loving the opportunity to push boundaries every Monday morning!
– I will be appearing in the film below!


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Wondernesia Premiere

Two weeks ago, the first episode of my DiscoveryTLC travel series premiered across Asia. It has been an absolutely insane experience, and so surreal seeing over three months of hard work shooting across Indonesia come to life. Catch me on Wondernesia, premiering in Australia on the 20th of December at 11:30pm on the Discovery Channel, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who had supported me through this journey.

Wondernesia Premiere

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500 Dreams of Sydney

Diana Huntley
I had the privilege of attending high school with an amazing group of inspired young women, in Sydney. After recently spending time abroad in the states and meeting ‘visionaries and change-makers, individuals who took the road less traveled to live for their dreams’, one of them recently started a blog called 500 Dreams of Sydney – ‘a platform to inspire, to encourage and to dare to dream.’ Having had a similar experience of seeing the staggering difference between USA and Australia, in our attitudes regarding conversations about our vision in life, I think it’s amazing what she is trying to do. Very honored to be among the first featured – wishing her all the best in her new endeavor. Go girl!

Check it out at:

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