‘Diana has to act – which is the highest compliment I can give.’

– Carol Rosenfeld (Author of Acting and Living in Discovery, Director of the Hagen Institute at Uta Hagen’s HB Studio, NYC)

‘Diana persevered when others buckled and fell. I saw her fight and integrity – she has what is called, “what it takes”.’

– Michael Blake (Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet)

‘Diana is very funny, and did a great job on set. Really enjoyed having her on the film.’

Robin Bain (Director/Producer – Nowhereland, Pop Star)

‘Cannot recommend Diana highly enough. She really got into the spirit of our zombie/stoner web-series “Zombie Weed”. I can’t imagine that the mix of costume (and weather), full body makeup and uncomfortable props was very comfortable, but she never complained, constantly gave us better and better performances every take, and worked well with the crew and cast to achieve an extremely memorable character.’

– Nicholas Andrew Halls (Director – 54 Days, Baked Alive)

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